It’s Game Time!

After I rounded the corner, I ran to my tow truck, got everything set up so all I had to do was drive in and get to the other side of the car, hook it up as fast as I could, then swing around the other side of the house and I would be gone in a flash. I got back in my truck, started it up but did not turn on my lights. I knew whoever was in that house would hear me pull in. I didn’t need to put a spotlight on what I was doing. I turned in, drove right back up to the car and jumped out.

I had got it hooked up in no time but the kitchen light came on. I knew I had only a few seconds to get out of there before the owners came out and realized what I was actually doing back there, so I jumped back in my rig and floored it. The next thing I know, the cab of my truck is face-first in the swimming pool I hadn’t seen before and I’m taking an evening dip in that pool. Needless to say, I didn’t get to repo that car that night and had a whole lot of explaining to do minutes later, when the cops showed up. I had even more explaining to do when I had to call my boss and have him talk to the cops; he wasn’t too happy with me and for a few minutes, I thought I might be spending the rest of that wonderful night in jail.

That kid who was such a great help to me? He was laughing his butt off, standing next to the car owner.

It was his son.