The Sting!

The kids came back, with the exception of one of them, and after congratulating me on my obvious skills, we began what turned out to be a great pick-up game. After a while, the other kid came back. He had had to use the bathroom but he came back with good news.

He said he’d checked with his parents and they knew who I was looking for. As a matter of fact, he lived right across the street. Imagine that! After the game, I asked the helpful kid if he had seen the car, because it wasn’t parked out front where I could see it. He said, sure, the guy had it parked around back and he offered to show me where it was. We walked to the back of the house, and sure enough, there was my repo! I walked around it, pretending to look it over before I bought it. I was actually checking it for any damage. I thanked the kid and told him I was going to go get my vehicle from around the corner before I spoke with the owner.

What I planned on doing was getting my tow truck so I could drive right up to the car, hook it up and make a fast getaway. The kid had pointed out the sorry condition of the driveway and told me that when I took the car, I should drive around to the other side of the house because even though it was a dirt driveway, it was in much better condition over there. Even though it was pitch black in that backyard, I was able to see enough that I had plenty of room to drive in and maneuver around to the other side of the car. I slipped the kid a fiver and thanked him for being so helpful. We said goodbye and I had to control myself so I could walk away without looking as insanely excited as I was.

My ruse had worked again!